Hi, My name's Toby and I have been trading as Global Optima Ltd for over 20 years.

As a developer, I mainly solve problems for clients and then carry on working with them to improve their systems, sometimes I build things from scratch as well.

I've worked with very small businesses on their web sites and Flash games (back in the day) and with large corporations on their integrations projects.

I've worked as a solo developer with many hats and a part of much larger teams helping to deliver complex products.

As a developer I work mostly with PHP & symfony, mostly. I don't hate React.

As a manager I enjoy leveraging (some) Agile strategies and focusing on Delivery (at all times), End-User stories and Business Requirements to drive development on the right features at the right time.

I susbscribe to the trinity of the 3 Xs:

As an aside, I have fairly extensive development experience in the following areas:

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